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Hamri bahini

Hamri bahini

The Green Angels is a social enterprise initiative of HCI that endeavors to solve the environmental and social problems through a business model. It addresses three societal needs at the same time:

  • (i) It provides jobs requiring very less formal education to the needy and disadvantaged group of young women of Nepal.
  • (ii) It contributes to reduce environmental pollution in urban areas of Nepal.
  • (iii) It designs, supports and promotes self-sustained social enterprises through active engagement of trained professionals.

Under the umbrella brand, Hamri Bahini –The Green Angels Social Enterprise, different programs are being incubated. While some like Green Shopping Project and Green Housekeeping Project are in the implementation phase, few others like Green Commuting, Green Spaces and Green Energy are in the planning phase.


HCI is the proponent of the Hamri Bahini Social Entreprise Initiative, is a Nepali civil society initiative set up with the intent to help address climate challenges in the Himalayas in an integrated way. It has been set up with the motive to ‘build a Peaceful, Prosperous and Climate Resilient Nepal, and to establish environmental, social and economic significance of the Himalayas across the globe’.


The “Gen Nep” initiative is youth led engagement program initiated by HCI for youths to build character, conviction and confidence amongst youth to believe in the notion of Nation First and at the same time create a sense of Global Citizenship. The Gen Nep volunteers are engaged in developing and designing the portal, promoting it, populating, maintaining and verifying the data base. Beside this, they are actively engaged in other activities of “Hamri Bahini-The Green Angels” Social Enterprise.

How can you help?


You can join as a general volunteer or as a “Gen Nep volunteer” (www.gennep.org) and help the cause by getting involved in several activities (for e.g. in developing, populating and maintaining the content of the database). You can also promote the portal in every way you can among your friends and acquaintances, through word of mouth or electronically, even if you are out of Nepal and cannot contribute through physically.


You can contribute to this effort by providing financial support required for technical maintenance of the database or that related to the trainings/ capacity building of the “Bahinis”.


You can generate employment for the disadvantaged women of Nepal by using the database in this portal and hiring them.


You can get yourself registered in the database of this portal to increase your chances of getting employment.


Change Your Thinking

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Helpless People
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Now a days people are interested in spending their money lavishly in an expensive manner. They started to celebration parties and functions for simple things and invite all their friends and relatives to the function and spend most of their money with this kind of events. There is nothing wrong in celebrating important functions and events, but some persons will celebrate little things to show their status.

This kind of celebrations don’t show our status, in this way we will lose our money. If you have a lot of money in your hand and searching for the ways to spend it, then spend it in a useful way like donating to a charity, orphanage and give food to the poor and helpless people rather than spending money in this sort.
Some people think that this kind of celebration is the modern trend and we must celebrate the functions in a luxury way to get the social status. Recently one of my friend celebrated Pet Day, it is nothing but he just bought a new dog and he is interested in celebrating it a grand manner and give a treat to his friends in a 5 star hotel. Really he don’t have enough money for this celebration and owed from his friends for the celebration. This kind of party is really unwanted and it simply made him as a lender. I wonder why people doing such kind of unwanted things to get popularity?
Ever we think about the life of those needy poor people who lives a very measurable life, how they arrange their two times food, and what kind of problems they face in different seasons of weather. They are living under the flyovers, bridges, trees and other measurable shelters. In this article I have suggested some of the ideas to help needy poor people. As it’s a social help I assure you that, it will give you a heartily satisfaction, and blessings of those needy & helpless people.